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Holiday Flash Games

Wheel of Misfortune

Throw stuff and rotating board with someone one it

When Penguins Attack

Save Santa from the evil penguins!...(more)

Winter WorkOut

Help Santa get in shape for his big night....(more)

Christmas Adventure

Catch the baubles and place the good ones on the tree...(more)

Xmas Boarding

Try to earn your bonus point while you are boarding during the winter....(more)

Christmas Bounce

Help the Christmas decorations by bouncing them across the room to the Christmas tree...(more)

Christmas DIY

Santa has crashed into a pond , you have to fish him and the presents out...(more)

Xmas Invaders

Classic Space Invaders with a Christmas Theme...(more)

Christmas Shooting Gallery

A Christmassy shooting gallery....(more)

Christmas Tree

Put the lights on the tree in the correct order....(more)