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Driving Flash Games

Turbo Football Heavy Metal Spirit

Break all laws and race the lawn in this Heavy Metal game!...(more)

Turbo Spirit

This game features four tracks with five segments each...(more)

Two Wheel Trauma II

Guide your bike thru the narrow streets....(more)

Unicycle Challenge

Try to balance your unicycle while avoiding the juggling balls that those pesky jugglers keep gropping......(more)


Take out the racers for cash, but let all VW Beetles go by or it will cost you!...(more)

Viper Race

How fast can you get around the track?....(more)

VW Fox Game

How far can you get?...(more)


Race againsts the computer....(more)

Wake Boarding

Do the most extreme moves and score the most points. ...(more)


Race 3 timed laps. Total time is our score. Use arrow keys for movement and Spacebar for handbreak. DON'T take shorcuts....(more)