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Distance Flash Games


Get as far down as you can without getting crushed! ...(more)


Fly your little ship through the crazy tunnel....(more)

Elroy Learns To Fly

How far can you throw Elroy?...(more)

Rigelian Hot Shots

How far can you guide the fireball?...(more)



Hammer Throw

Throw the hammer as far as you can. Spin the hammer thrower and build speed and then release the hammer. But dont throw it into the cage....(more)

Hardware Hurl

Throw the remote as far as possible...(more)

Heidi: Throw the bell

Help Heidi to throw the bell as far as she can....(more)

Seconds Of Madness

Surf the robot through the tunnel.....(more)

Jimmy The Fin

Avoid the jelly fish and swim as far as you can....(more)

Kick Da PC

Help Gil Bates kick his PC as far as possible....(more)


1 ...(more)