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Fishes Flash Games


Catch The Fish...(more)

Fish Food

Eat the fish food dropping down and avoid the sharks swimming by You die if your energy goes down to zero or if you get eaten....(more)

Fish Hunter 2

Spear as many fish as possible in 2 minutes....(more)

Fishing Impossible

Bounce the cats along catching fish....(more)

Fishing Lalala

Catch as many fish as you can...(more)

Fish Shooter

Save the fishing grounds by destroying the evil predatory fish coming to eat your catch....(more)

Fish water Challenge

race to the finish and catch as many fish as you can...(more)


Swim the seas as a fish eating fish....(more)

Flipped Out

Use the trampoline to toss the whale as far inland as possible...(more)

Franky The Fish

Help Franky grow big by eating fish smaller than he is....(more)

Franky The Fish 2

Franky, the fish is on a new underwater feeding trip! Eat all fish that are smaller than you and avoid the bigger ones....(more)

Fishing The Sea

Catch your quota to advance levels....(more)