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Pets Flash Games

Fishing Impossible

Bounce the cats along catching fish....(more)


Swim the seas as a fish eating fish....(more)

Franky The Fish

Help Franky grow big by eating fish smaller than he is....(more)

Frisbee Dog

Jump up to catch various objects, but be very careful, there are certain things like grenades you definitely do not want to catch....(more)

Frogs Plague 2

There is a plague of Frogs, try to kill as many as you can....(more)

I Lost My Puppy

See The Game...(more)

Kill Kitties

Kill all the kittys with the mallet.. very low scoring game...(more)

Puppy Juggling

Help one-armed Juan keep his little puppies in the air, but ooh... mind the chainsaw!!...(more)

Rabbit Punch

Punch the rabbits and get them in the holes....(more)

Chernobil Rabbits

See The Game...(more)

Save the Goldfish

Save your pet fish from your evil roommate!...(more)

Sawfish Lagoon

The goal of this game is to earn as many points as possible. The game is over when you run out of lures, so try not to lose them!...(more)