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Smash n Bash Flash Games

Bloody Rage

Fight your way though the toury!...(more)

Brendans Soccer

Hurt the others with ball...(more)

Bully Rush

Super, Smashing, Great!...(more)

Bu$h Poppa

Liberate campaign cash by clicking on bushs swelling head...(more)

The real butthead

See the game...(more)

Caterpillar Smash

Bash as many caterpillars as you can in 60 seconds....(more)

Chainsaw the childern

use your chainsaw to kill childern

Claque Beignet

Slap The Screaming head...(more)

Demolition Punk

Run around, be a punk, and vandalize by breaking windows, burning stuff down Avoid the cops!...(more)

Early Man Wars

See In Game...(more)


Just like Whack-a-Mole, hit the things that pop up, but be careful, dangers lurke as you progress....(more)

Tiger Moth

You must hit as many light bulbs as possible before the lizard short curcuits the whole house....(more)