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Retro Flash Games

Fire and Ice Dragons

Gather up all the pieces of the shattered fire crystal....(more)

Flash Tiles

Eliminate all the pairs of tiles with similar pattern on them, from a huge stack of tiles....(more)

Four Leaf Clover

Cool little game....(more)


Reach the finish without falling through the boards....(more)

Gem Mine

Detonate a group of 3 or more similar colored gems. Try to clear up the grid before the time runs ou...(more)

Gladiator 2

In this game you go back to the olden days and battle allot of men inside of a ring....(more)

Goofy Gopher

Match all the flowers before the sun sets or the Goofy Gopher will eat your flower patch!...(more)

Hang The Alien

Hang the alien by guessing the letters....(more)

Mercury Drops

The object of this game is to survive as a mercury drop. Contact smaller or the same size drops to f...(more)

Monster Sumo

What do you think this game is about?...(more)

Moon Cave

Fly the space ship without blowing up....(more)

Munchy Man

A version of pacman....(more)