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TV n Movies Flash Games

Total blackout

Disable jokers bombs...(more)

Tv Game Show

Guy Grinner hosts the TV Game Show where you compete for fabulous prizes and tons of cash. Do you know your TV show trivia......(more)


A Volcano has erupted and molten lava is heading towards south park! As Stan's Dad, You're in charge of digging trenches to save the town....(more)


Round One, you will have 5 chances to earn up to 3 spins per turn.You will take the spins you earn from this round to the BIG BOARD!...(more)

Wheel 2 Spin

A Wheel of Fortune style game....(more)

Wheel Of Fortune

Classic TV Show Wheel Of Fortune!!...(more)

Win A Million

Try to win $1 million by answering all 15 questions correctly....(more)

Knight Rider

Knight Rider...(more)