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Animals Flash Games

Monkey Cliff Diving

Help the monkeys dive safely into the water. ...(more)

Aapjes & Appels

See in game...(more)

Abba The Fox

Make sure ABBA gets as many envelopes as possible but watch out for all those nasty pests!...(more)


Dodge the fruit to score points...(more)


A french ninja game......(more)


Throw snowballs at the moose....(more)

Animal Hunter

Hunt animals to collect more time and power-ups....(more)

Animal Rescue

Save the furry creatures with your blanket by bouncing them into the leaves....(more)

Another non-African Safari

A wild, fast and difficult shooter on the African plains which will test your skills to the max....(more)

Ant Tracks

Get all the ants booty back to the Tree stores to keep the colony supplied with wholesome bugs, tasty leaves and groovy grubs!...(more)


Help the mother fish feed her young by steering her with your mouse in a way that will lead the litle fish to the tasty worms....(more)


Its the AquaPigs...(more)