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Balloon Flash Games

Balloon Shoot

Shoot the balloons and targets....(more)

Air Heads

Keep the balloon in the air for as long as possible....(more)

Balloon Hunter

Pop as many Balloons as you can! ...(more)

Balloon Bomber

Throw bombs from your balloon to destroy the barrels below....(more)

Balloon Maze

The balloon must stay alive!...(more)

Balloon Park

Balloons Ballons Balloons....(more)

Balloon Pop

A simple game, where you click on the balloon and it pops....(more)


Accumulate points by shooting down anything that flies, floats, glides whatever... But just be careful not to shoot down your own friends....(more)


Drop waterballoons from the top of the building...(more)


Catch as many cherry flowers as you can before time runs out....(more)

Flying Dango

Throw sticks at balloons...(more)

Evil Balloon Siege!

A militarized band of evil Balloons has invaded Castle Martianstein!...(more)