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Cartoon Flash Games

The Three Monkeys

Its raining fruits today! Oh Joy! Help the monkeys eat every single one....(more)

Anchovy Assault

See The Game...(more)

Animal Hunter

Hunt animals to collect more time and power-ups....(more)


Get the food, avoid the feet...(more)

Fridge Raiders

The ants are trying to steal all the food in your Fridge!...(more)


Spray the ants...(more)

Aviator Imp

Get the imp as far as you can....(more)

Baby Descruction

Hit the babies dropped by the storks, miss 10 and its game over....(more)

Backyard Madness

IN GAME...(more)

Brainy Smurfs Bad Day

Have fun as a Smurf chucking balls through an open mouth on a mural....(more)

Greedy Smurfs Bakeries

Help Greedy Smurf catch the food from the bakery...(more)

Barry Potter

Harrys evil twin wants his revenge....(more)