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Fighting Flash Games


Think you're man enough to take it to the boxing ring?...(more)

2D Knock-Out

Fight your way to the top in this 2D boxing game....(more)

Alloy Arena

Intense junkyard fighting action...(more)

Ant Kendo

Ant to ant fighting....(more)

Astroboy vs One Bad Storm

A simple arcade game featuring Astroboy!...(more)

Battle Arena

Battle your way through 25 levels to be the ultimate master....(more)

Bloody Rage

Fight your way though the toury!...(more)

Celebrity Fight Club

Fight four Celebrity's...(more)


Shoot and kill enemies with your arrows to gain money....(more)

Death to Ninja


Demolition Punk

Run around, be a punk, and vandalize by breaking windows, burning stuff down Avoid the cops!...(more)

Dinasty Street

Playing Only Survival, Tournament, can save you\'re score!! See In The Game....(more)