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Fishes Flash Games

Shark Attack

Jump from island to island and make your way to the mainland....(more)

Action Fish

Catch as many fish as you can before the time runs out....(more)

Aquarium Sprengischen

Drop sticks of dynamite into an aquarium to try and blow up the fish....(more)


Catch fish...(more)

Bass Fishing Pro

It\'s all the fun of fishing without the long drive, the mosquitoes and baiting your hook....(more)

Catch a crab 2

in game...(more)

Catch A Crab 2

Catch crabs in this great adventure game!...(more)

Corp Fishing

Can you bait these corporate guppies and drag them away from their monitors long enough to find freedom?...(more)

Desktop Fishing

How many fish can you catch in 3 mins?...(more)

Feed Mo

Fun Fishing Game...(more)

Fish Eat Fish

Little fish must eat to get bigger so he can eat bigger fish....(more)

Fisherman Sam

Catch Fish...(more)