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Jumping Flash Games

Barb Jump

Play jump rope with barb wire...(more)

Base Jumping

open your chute at the right moment to progress thru each league....(more)

Big Jump

Ski down the hill and then jump and do tricks for points....(more)

Flipped Out

Use the trampoline to toss the whale as far inland as possible...(more)

Gogo Pogo

Avoid paper airplanes and wind machines as you wind your way through intricate 3D-ish environments. Bounce yourself silly....(more)

Hop To The Top 60Sec

See The Game...(more)

Hop To The Top

See The Game...(more)

IQ Jumper

Jump from block to block and find your way to the exit without over-using the blocks....(more)


Allez le plus loin possible en ?vitant les trous sur le chemin...(more)


Jump on the train carts of the same color....(more)

White Clocks Cannot Jump

Shoot the clock as far as you can....(more)

Mini Jump Game

Run and jump into the MINI Convertible without hurting yourself too badly...(more)