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Smash n Bash Flash Games

Ahiru Survival

Simple game... Just click the ducks that run around....(more)

Angel fighter

See The game...(more)

Ant Kendo

Ant to ant fighting....(more)


Type the word, Letters, And numbers that Show Up ...(more)

Bad Boy

Throw bunnys on the kids....(more)

Bash the computer

Get bored? Hate computers? Click on the different part of the computer to bash them!...(more)

Adrians Battle Bots

Lets get on the battle field and kick some battle bot ass!...(more)

Battling Conkers

Get the vinegar out and soak your chestnuts! Smash your opponent\'s conker & be the talk of the school playground!...(more)

Beat The Cheese

give the mice a beating with the ham...(more)

Beat The Gooner!

As the dirty gooners stick their ugly mugs out of the ground, click on 'em to whack 'em with a hammer! 100 points for each gooner you manage to hit...(more)


See The game...(more)

The Black Knight

The peasants arent paying their taxes. Go forth and beat the gold out of them....(more)