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Death Junior

Accurately detonate your c4 laden hamster to kill the evil monster and hurl its decapitated head into the throes of hell. Bonus points for killing addition monsters along the way....(more)

Frogger 2004

Mike has made Frogger 2004!...(more)

Galagon 2004

enter your own gwords....(more)

Mine Fields 2004

Plot the tanks course avoiding enemies....(more)

Mission R4

Mission R4 - Terrorist training...(more)

Pang 2004

Destroy all the bubbles ...(more)

Hot Pepper vs The Water 4

Part 4 of Hot Pepper vs The Water...(more)

Q*Bert 2004

Classic Qbert and an updated version for 2004...(more)


Click the tranquillizer button whenever you see a sheep leaving the flock and running for freedom. *Score type = LOW Decimal Places = 4...(more)


Play back the tones that Simon plays for you. How many can you remember?...(more)

Snake 4

snake clone 4 version around...(more)


14 levels of increasing difficulty to send you completely insane....(more)