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Ghost 2000

See The game...(more)

Luigis Mansion

Save mario from the ghost...(more)

Mad Pac

Mr Mad Pac has set out on a dangerous journey through various challenging levels to rescue Mrs. Mad Pac who was abducted by the evil ghosts. Youve to help our hero to make his way through the different levels and find his wife....(more)


Eat all the little dots without letting the ghosts get you!...(more)

Pumpkin Ballade

Shoot the pumpkins , bats , ghosts...(more)

Ghost Hunter 2

welcome to the haunted smack a ghost game...(more)

Gobblin House

Hit the ghouls and ghosts before they get you!...(more)

Grave Yard Panic

use the flash light to dead the ghosts and ghouls...(more)

Pumpkin Toss

throw the pumpkins and the ghouls and ghosties....(more)

The Good Ghost

Excscape the castle...(more)

Ghost Hunter

Imprison ghosts to kill them, get the treasure without crushing it...(more)


Guide your ghost thru the rooms collecting keys to open the door....(more)