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Stay The Distance

Study the field, pick a horse and see if you can stay the distanceand guide him to victory...(more)

Mined Out

Help Melvin cross the minefield and get to safety....(more)

Bubble Shooter

The goal is to clean the bubbles off the field....(more)


Dodge the cubes and get the high score....(more)


Next to the gamefield on the left is a 3 X 3 pattern. Look for the same pattern in your gamefield as quickly as possible and surround it with the square....(more)

Domino Pressure

Find the one domino that, when pushed, will cause the entire set to topple and squash the tomato. You begin the game with 20 seconds on the timer, which is the time limit you have for finding, and clicking on, the correct domino. If you select the wrong one, you lose one (1) second off the timer for each domino you leave standing. The new timer then carries over to the next stage. If you lose all seconds off the timer, or if you do not click on a domino before the timer runs out, the game is over. You may skip up to three (3) stages in a game simply by clicking on one of the tomatoes in the bottom right of the play field....(more)

Garfield - Lasagna from Heaven

Help Garfield gobble up food as fast as he can as it falls from the sky!...(more)


Left click to move base. Collect blue energy pixels to complete level. Dont touch bad pixels....(more)

Prince of Kurukshetra

Navigate the puzzle field...(more)

Rumble Ball: Field num.2

Try to get as many points as you can in one shot....(more)

Rumble ball: Field number 4

Try and get as many points as you can by firing the ball at the targets!...(more)

Rumble Ball

Score as many points as you can by hitting coloured items on the play field with a large ball. The ball will roll over small yellow items and bounce off coloured cubes....(more)