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Adventures of Blob Bob

Help Bob the Blob get fruits, jump onto platform and avoid spikes, worms, dinos and other dangers....(more)

Adventures of a Cow

Help rescue the cows friend who is locked away in a cage....(more)

Adventures of Guy - RPG

One day, you wake up, go outside and are attacked when a wizards asks you to go on a quest....(more)

Adventures of Jack

You are a young kid exploring these drug filled streets talk to pimps druggies and others avoid cops...(more)

Blob Bob Lost Levels

The adventures of Bob through the mysterious world continues in this episode. Help him escape all the threats....(more)

Tower 13 - Adventures In Body Saving

Swim out and stop the women from drowning....(more)

Fancy Pants Adventure World 1

Fancy Pants Adventures is a sidescrolling platformer, like a cross between Sonic and Mario. This game is the first in the Fancy Pants series, and has been given the name World 1!...(more)

Jet Set Willy: Adventures in Scifi

Collect as many objects as you can, and explore as many rooms as possible....(more)


Guide moses through a adventures journey...(more)

Adventures Of A Cow

Rescue the timid cow from the cage by finding the key avoiding all the threats....(more)

Adventures Of A Space Cowboy

The aliens have abducted a cowboy and dropped him off on a distant planet. You have to guide him through the unknown planet with alien creatures all around and escape out. You\'re equipped with your pistol, use it to shoot down the aliens and avoid getting hit by them....(more)